We love recruitment, but not the way everyone else seems to do it. We can’t see the point of flooding a client with poorly-screened candidates, many of whom aren’t up to the job. With a desire to offer something better, three of us teamed up in 2016 to form Psixty.

Here, we limit the number of clients a consultant works with at any point. That gives us the time to get to know clients, where their business is headed and exactly what they need. Then, we implement our unique (no, really) nine-step process to find the perfect individual.

We don’t stop there. Like you, we believe we haven’t done our job properly until the candidate has successfully passed their probation period. That’s why we continue to show a keen interest and we can even look after on-boarding and sales training.

Our ‘personal’ approach doesn’t just make life more enjoyable, it also brings results. In turn, success leads to long relationships, which helps us do our job even better. Everybody wins.



Before establishing Psixty, James spent 12 years at a London-based, specialist sales recruiter. As only their fourth employee, he went on to perform a variety of key roles and helped grow the business into a genuine market leader.

James is passionate about building lasting business relationships while delivering a world-class service. The secret to his success is an ability to get under the skin of his clients, quickly understanding the requirements, cultural fit and long-term goals.

Outside the office, his passions include the family (that should clock up some brownie points at home), winter breaks in Cornwall, summer breaks in Spain and losing golf balls.


Martin’s recruitment experience spans a number of vertical markets and various positions from Consultant to Director. He set up Psixty with the belief there was a better way to do things. (Isn’t there always?)

While he loves to talk, Martin puts his success down to his ability to listen. This enables him to fully grasp the needs of both clients and candidates, and provides him with the insight to make suggestions not previously considered.

Martin enjoys delicious food - cooking and eating - and drinking fine wine, ideally overlooking a beach in the warm weather. But, before you get too envious, he spends the rest of his time in training to be an Ironman triathlete.


Robin is an experienced billing consultant and manager who has long believed that the traditional blanket approach to recruitment is fundamentally flawed.

With this in mind, he set up Psixty to focus on providing a more personal level of service to clients and candidates alike. His key skills lie in understanding the tiny details that add up to make successful long-term placements.

In his personal life, Robin is a keen golfer who is convinced that he's not too far from turning professional. Even though a single figure handicap remains elusive, he has already emailed Thomas Bjorn, asking him to reserve a place in the next European Ryder Cup team.

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