Robin, an adept billing consultant and manager, stands as a testament to the belief that the conventional one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment is inherently flawed.

His extensive experience in the industry is proof that personalised attention is the cornerstone of successful placements, prompting him to establish Psixty with a mission to redefine the recruitment landscape.

At the core of Robin’s approach is a commitment to providing a more intimate and tailored service to both clients and candidates. Recognising the inadequacies of the traditional blanket methodology, he focuses on the intricate details that collectively contribute to forging enduring and fruitful professional relationships.

Robin’s ability to navigate these subtleties sets Psixty apart, ensuring that each placement is uniquely suited to the needs and aspirations of the individuals involved.

Beyond the boardroom, Robin reveals a passion for golf that transcends mere recreation. With aspirations that border on the ambitious, he envisions himself on the cusp of a professional golfing career. Though the pursuit of a single-figure handicap remains an ongoing challenge, Robin’s determination is unwavering. His audacious move to email Thomas Bjorn, expressing an eagerness to reserve a spot on the next European Ryder Cup team, speaks volumes about his confidence and willingness to chase his dreams.

Robin’s dual existence as a meticulous recruitment professional and an aspiring professional golfer reflects the dynamic and multifaceted spirit of Psixty. It mirrors the company’s ethos of challenging conventions, embracing individuality, and tirelessly striving for excellence in every endeavor. Through his leadership and unique perspective, Robin contributes to shaping Psixty as a beacon of innovation in the competitive realm of recruitment.