LinkedIn – Your Personal Shop Window

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn has been around for nearly 20 years (I had no idea it was this old!) The way we use it has transformed over the years, now becoming a key tool which many of us will be using every day. As much as you may be reluctant to create an Instagram account or Facebook profile, I can’t stress enough how important a professional LinkedIn profile is when it comes to looking for your next position. 

  1. Make sure it’s up to date 

Making sure your profile is up to date with your job roles on is essential. Headhunters will be using LinkedIn to source and identify talent, if your profile isn’t up to date with your current job role, previous promotions and positions this may be hindering your chances of being approached for your potential dream job at organisation you’d love to work for. 

  1. Keep your content professional 

Something to bear in mind when using LinkedIn is that most people can see all of your activity using the platform. Remember, most people can see everything that you’ve even interacted with – down to likes! I always make sure that when scrolling through LinkedIn I’m only engaging in professional content which will benefit my connections, and keep my shop window looking professional. My major bug bear on LinkedIn is people getting involved in ridiculous arguments, how do you think this looks to your potential future boss or colleague? 

  1. Keep your profile picture professional 

A lot of people hate having their picture taken, especially a professional headshot, they can feel really awkward and out of their comfort zone. It is important that your LinkedIn profile picture is professional, yet a picture of you that you’re comfortable with! Take a picture of yourself with friends and crop the others out of it. Everyone will have a different idea of what a ‘professional’ LinkedIn picture looks like, it’s very subjective from industry to industry, so do what feels best! 

  1. Ask for recommendations 

Asking for recommendations from previous colleagues and clients is a fantastic way to make your shop window standout. We can all say what we’re good at in our ‘Bio’ section, but what other people say about you is a great asset to have on your LinkedIn profile! This will give recruiters, head hunters and potential future managers to understand how other people see you, and to highlight your professional achievements. 

  1. Expand your network 

Expand your network by connecting or following pages and people that interest you, whether they work in the same sector as you or not! It looks great when people can see you have a large network on LinkedIn, and you never know when they may share something which is beneficial or insightful to you.