Making time count

Making Time Count.

Everyone wants more hours in the day. There is always an endless to-do list whether it is business or personal, but no matter how hard you try, your list never gets any shorter with Covid-19 only making things more difficult. However, why not take this period of remote working as the perfect moment to develop a robust time management strategy and recognise what you do well and what you need to focus on.

Start with your GOAL:

Where are you going? What’s important?
Set goals that motivate and that are achievable, start small and build up to the bigger tasks.

Set a PLAN:

Put everything down in writing. By writing out the steps, you can cross each one off as you complete it, you will see a steady progression towards your goal/s. This is especially important if your goal is big and/or challenging.


Specific -Define the goals. Who is involved, what do you want to accomplish and why. 

Measurable – How do you measure the success, when have you achieved that goal
Attainable – How do you make the goal attainable? Decide on the attitudes, abilities, and skills, you’ll need to achieve them.

Relevant – Make sure the goal is relevant to your reality – look at the current conditions around you and decide if the goal is a benefit to you.
Timely – Give yourself a realistic time to achieve your goal. Don’t limit time to get it done quicker, this may hinder the outcome.


It is important to learn how to prioritise there will need to be some sacrifices. You’ll have a list of goals you want to achieve but not all can be done. Try and use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix is a time management tool.

Add to each box where your tasks sit.

Urgent or important tasks you do first.

Important but not urgent, you can set some timely schedules to achieving these.

Not important but urgent, can these be taken on by someone else? If not
priorities these after the important urgent tasks

Not important and not urgent you do not do until your list is completely clear.
The moral of this blog is to try not to be a hero to try and achieve everything, it will never work. In the words of William Penn “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

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