Key Tips To Virtual Onboarding

In today’s day and age, virtual onboarding is more common than ever before. With the vast majority of offices closed and many employees working from home, using technology to communicate effectively when working remotely is key. It is important to know how to onboard new starters and keep the remote onboarding process as engaging and enjoyable as possible. Here are 4 top tips to consider when on boarding new employees, virtually:

1-to-1 Meetings Are Crucial

This will give your new starter the opportunity to talk about how they are finding the onboarding process. 1-to-1 virtual meetings allow the employee the time to explain if there is anything they feel needs addressing and is perfect for building initial relationships. Feedback can also be used constructively ahead of future 1-to-1s.

Build An Online Community

For fully remote workers and employee onboarding, building an online community is a fantastic way to boost and maintain morale across the company. This is great from a business perspective to have an allocated space to share ideas, but it is also a good idea on a personal level.

Use Online Tools

Utilise virtual tools for remote onboarding which can be a great help to your process. Use remote training options such as scheduling software and video conferencing to ensure that all tasks being completed by your new employee are clear and helpful.

Ongoing support

The best onboarding processes are the ones which are continued throughout the entire length of employment. This is of paramount importance for remote employees. If they do not feel as though the virtual training was detailed enough for them to perform their role to the best of their ability, then they may not know who to speak with about it.