Questions to prepare for an interview

 Many people who are preparing for an interview will prepare for questions that will be thrown at them by the interviewer, but often forget to consider what they’re going to be asking the interviewer themselves. Preparing questions will make you come across as enthusiastic, engaged, and interested in the role. Below are a few questions that you could consider asking when you’re preparing for your interview. 

  1. What would a usual day look like in the role? 

This question is a great way for you, as the candidate to understand whether this role is for you. The answer which the interviewer will give will ensure you understand what skills are required to be successful within the role. It will also give an insight into how the organisation operates. 

  1. What does progression look like? 

Hiring managers love this question. This question will show how enthusiastic you are and how you’re looking to grow within the company, rather than using the organisation and the position as a stepping stone to your next role. Again, how the interviewer answers this question is great insight for you to understand if there even is any progression at the organisation, which may influence your decision on whether you take the role or not. 

  1. Do you have a training plan for the role? 

This ties in nicely with asking the question around progression at the organisation. The training which the organisation in question is going to provide you will be a good indication of how much room for progression there may be with them. The best employers will invest money and time into training their teams. 

  1. What does the company look like in 3-5 years time?

This question is a great way to show a vested interest in the organisation and what it’s going to look like moving forward. You don’t want to join and then quickly understand that they’re being bought out, which could bring restructuring changes or a change in company culture or even location. 

  1. What do you enjoy most about your role and the company? 

I’ve been in interviews before, where the interviewer doesn’t even seem like they enjoy their role or working for the company, safe to say I didn’t accept the job! As much as the job can seem like the perfect role for you from a job advert, the organisation and their ethos may not be what you’re expecting.