Retain Top Talent

Five Tips On How To Retain Top Talent

It can be extremely frustrating when your top performing staff inform you of their intentions to jump ship, leaving you with another position to fill. It’s time to determine why these employees are leaving. Those who are both satisfied and in a challenging position don’t often seek employment elsewhere, so these 5 tips should help you to implement some much needed changes!

1.Growth Potential

Talented workers do not want to be in a dead-end job with a lack of progression or growth in the business. It is important to set key growth targets so that they understand what is required of them to reach the next level, whether that be a more senior position or a management role. If these people feel they have no room to grow at your company, they will start looking elsewhere.

2. Flexible Working

Being tied to your desk all week is now a thing of the past. These days, people want to work for an employer that offers a degree of flexibility. Allowing your employees the freedom to adjust their working hours or work from home has become essential in retaining top talent.

3. Lucrative Benefits Package

One of the first things any employee will look for in a role is the benefits package. If this includes the likes of healthcare cover and an excellent pension scheme etc, this would be a huge plus in enhancing employee satisfaction. The more attractive your benefits package, the better you will look in comparison to your competitors.

4. Positive Working Environment

The right cultural fit is now a focal point for maintaining a strong work ethic and keeping your top performers happy. No one wants to spend each day in a hostile environment, so expect people to look elsewhere if your office is a negative or uncomfortable place to work.

5. Recognition for Achievements

Some people are driven by money, others responsibility, but a lot of people just like to feel appreciated for what they do. It is important to recognise your employees when they are doing a good job. Awards or incentives are a good way to recognise strong performance. Just make sure that they do not feel undervalued!