Three key benefits of using a recruitment agency.

Three key benefits of using a recruitment agency

At Psixty Recruitment, we pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with fantastic businesses. We establish strong rapport with our clients by finding out exactly what they need and exceeding their expectations. We collaborate with our clients to create an efficient process which works for both parties, helping to ensure a streamlined interview process.

Here are the top three reasons why working with a recruitment agency is beneficial, as well as how Psixty Recruitment can help.

Saving time and money

Advertising a position, attracting quality candidates, and screening people all takes time. At Psixty Recruitment we can look after all of this for you, reducing the time the process takes, saving you money both in the short-term and long-term. We will learn to understand your business and goals, whilst placing the right people in a timely, cost-effective manner. We can even look after on-boarding and sales training if required.

Better quality hires

Recruitment agencies tend to specialise in particular locations and markets. Therefore, when you tell our team about your sales or marketing requirements, we’ll not only understand what you’re talking about, we’ll quickly identify quality candidates who fit the bill. Of course, it’s not all about a candidate’s experience, we also understand that they need to gel with your unique company culture.

Our clients put their trust in us to find the right candidates, as they know that we will put them through an in depth screening process – making sure they align with the company values and culture, resulting in a long- term successful hire.

At Psixty Recruitment, we work to a unique nine step process to find the perfect individual and will not stop until we have found them.

Increased reach

At Psixty Recruitment, we have access to a number of well-known job boards, which gets your vacancies in front of the best candidates on the market. We also utilise our own database which houses a pool of existing engaged and skilled candidates, eager for their next challenge. With a combined experience of over 30 years in recruitment, we have built up a strong network of candidates, who may well be the next perfect fit for your business.