Weighing up your next move

2020 has seen many changes to our daily lives and routine, but perhaps the biggest noticeable change that we have seen is the impact COVID-19 has had on the job market.

Gone are the days of good candidates having the option of multiple opportunities within their current industry and with uncertainty surrounding most companies, hiring managers are less likely to be open to someone with ‘transferable skills’ and opt for candidates from outside of industry. They tend to take the ‘safe bet’ with candidates that have industry experience. 

A total change of industry or starting a fresh new challenge can be daunting at the best of times, even more so in the world we’re in currently. 

When considering your next move consider the package as a whole!

Base salary is important, but when considering your move take into account the opportunity as a whole and not just the base salary. Remember this is a company you’re looking to work for over a prolonged period of time so consider

What is the company culture like? 

Are your direct reports people you can see yourself working with? 

Is the commission scheme and bonuses- lucrative, rewarding, and achievable? 

Is the commute and work flexibility in line with your lifestyle?

Are there routes to progression over the short-medium and long term within the company?

Is it an industry that you’re interested in or are motivated by?

Once all these questions are answered you can then make an informed decision over the new opportunity. There will be some ‘give and take’ over certain areas particularly over base salary if you’re moving to a different industry as this can be dramatically different depending on the field you’re looking to move in to. 

If you are exploring new opportunities then contact us at Psixty recruitment, where we take into account all of these questions before presenting you with an opportunity